How to Get Started With Your New Instant Pot

On Black Friday I shared a super Instant Pot sale with members of my Low Carb Challenge Facebook group so we could all get them at almost 50% off!  Mine has somehow got lost in transit but I am busy doing my homework to learn how to use it once it’s here! I thought I would share that with you!

How to Use Your Instant Pot

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Once it is here I am going to be experimenting with low-carb Instant Pot recipes and you will find a large instant pot recipe roundup, sectioned into various categories right here in our group website! We will be adding to it as new certified low-carb delicious recipes are found. So be sure to join the group and submit recipes, either here in your comment or over there to be included in our archive!  

In the meantime let’s get cracking on learning to use these great time-saving appliances!


First off if you don’t have one here is the one that we all bought. The best one is the 7-in-1 although I ended up getting a 6-in-1 only because that’s the one that went on sale first and I had absolutely no idea that the 7-in-1 would follow suit the next day.

When I asked all our Instant Pot using members what the difference was I was told that the 7-in-1 will make yogurt while the other will not. Since I always have the best of intentions but never make things like my own homemade yogurt I figured I was fine without that option. So consider which one is best for you. If it wasn’t on sale and I could afford both I would buy the 7-in-1.  

This was also corroborated in one of the Amazon Q&A

Difference between LUX (6-in-1) and DUO (7-in-1) are: DUO has dual pressure (High 10.2 ~ 11.6psi is for both but DUO also has Low 5.8 ~7.2 psi), DUO has programmable keep warm hours (more than 10 hrs if not automatic), DUO can make yogurt, larger LED display,
Lid fin holders, condensation collector and cord rack as well as a double shield on float valve and steam release, compared to a single shield.
LUX and DUO have the same slow cooker, same pot, same delayed cooking.
If  you’re not making yogurt, lux is fine.”

Here’s a handy comparison chart so you can quickly see the differences between models. I got the one that is outlined in green. The 7-in-1 I mentioned above is outlined in red.  You can also find the chart on Amazon. 

Instant Pot Comparison Chart


Okay, let’s get started!  First off please read your manual!  Whenever you use a new appliance it’s always a good idea to read the manufacturer’s manual before you plug it in. I think this is especially true with an Instant Pot! It is after all a pressure cooker. While it is much much much safer than the old stove-top ones our mom’s might have used you should still respect it and read the manual.

Next, Faith from our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group tells us that you should always do a water test first before ever using the pot for food.  Here’s a good video on how you are going to do that. It also points out all the parts as well as what they do:

WHY do a water test? The makers of Instant Pot suggest it so that you can get acquainted with all the parts and features of the appliance as you make sure that the unit is working perfectly while cleaning the unit with the hot water and steam it will produce during the test.  


Now that you have conducted the water test you will be ready to cook with your new Instant Pot. I am including a video by Barbara Schieving of Pressure Cooking Today that will introduce you to various cooking features of your pressure cooker while making beef stroganoff:

I love that unlike a slow cooker you can sear your meat in the same appliance! I will admit that I have been a slacker and lots of times I wouldn’t sear a roast, just throwing it into my slow cooker raw. No more! This makes it so easy!

AND so FAST! It makes it easier for families consisting of both low-carb and non-low-carb members to all get the foods they want because you can whip up anything in no time flat! Make dishes you can heat up later in the microwave followed by another dish! 


For example while you don’t eat rice when living a low-carb lifestyle my bet is that some of your friends and family do. Lots of people eat it with beef stroganoff. Now you can make it in 10 minutes and if you use the quick release pressure feature you can pretty much make it in 15 minutes. Set it aside for later while you make your stroganoff in the pot.

While that’s cooking make some mashed cauliflower (I like using Ziploc Zip ‘n Steam bags) for yourself and steam a veggie and dinner is done! For everyone!  

You can make all sorts of dishes with your Instant Pot! Meats, vegetables, soups and more! Here Kristie of Cooking Keto with Kristie (and I showcased in my top low-carb vlogger post earlier this year) makes bone broth and you can see that she accomplished that with both her slow cooker and her Instant Pot.

Kristie opted to make the beef bone broth in the Instant Pot. She could have made it in about an hour using pressure cooking but decided to use the slow cooking option instead… that took about 40 hours in both the traditional slow cooker and using her pressure cooker as a crockpot. 

Want to make that same mashed cauliflower I mentioned before but in your Instant Pot this time??? You can do that too! Just watch!

Be sure to check out our certified low-carb delicious Instant Pot recipe roundup that is categorized into different types of foods!  Every recipe is specifically chose to keep you eating less than 20 net carbs a day, losing and maintaining your weight.

If you have a recipe you think we should consider for inclusion please contact me with the link or leave it in your comment below! I love shining light on great accounts, recipes and especially people and love hearing from you!

In the meantime enjoy getting to know your Instant Pot along with me and watch for more recipes soon!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

p.s. want some more great Instant Pot recipes? Here’s some good cookbooks:


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