Hello world… Goodbye Inhibitions!

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For those of you that have never blogged, when you install your website theme, or how it looks, it auto-generates your first post, and for a WordPress blog, which this is, it is always titled “Hello World!”  It’s worse than staring at a blank canvas or page! LOL!!!

I have written for big online publishing houses and that was nothing compared to this. I have a whole lot of ideas floating around in my head for upcoming posts but I just needed to get this one off my chest so that I can set up some categories and just dive in!  

So my tagline is Get Fit. Feel Great. Look Fabulous. Have Fun!  What do you think I am going to blog about? Certainly nothing deadly serious like politics or religion! This is a pour a cup of coffee and put your feet up kind of blog… NOT a throw the cup at the wall and put your foot through your screen kind of cafe.  So get ready to… get fit, feel great, look fabulous and have FUN!!!  If you want to chime in at any time, have suggestions, comments, want to write a guest post… whatever… just shoot me a message!  I would love to hear from YOU!  


 CUT! —

WHEW!  Glad that’s done! So now that everyone is gone… what do you fell like chatting about???  Pass me cookie please?  Thanks! <wink>

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