How to Get the Best Bargain on Basil

...for Your Low-Carb Cooking!

Are you reveling in the possibilities of Spring? While I find I plant fewer and fewer flowers the older I get I still make sure I get my herbs in the ground as soon as the danger of frost has passed. Here in Virginia that’s April 25th. So last week I made a trip to grab my basil…

How to Get the Best Bargain on Basil

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I love the fresh taste of a Caprese salad, pesto and herb infused lemonade! So it was well worth the 45 minute drive to our local Trader Joe’s for this amazing basil plant! Or should I say plants as at the ridiculously low price of only $3.99 I picked up two! 

Just look at the number of stems in that large, healthy plant! While the starter pots, even the bigger ones, at Lowes or Home Depot give me a few stems to start (at anywhere from $2.50 to $6.00 a pot) the pots I found in the Trader Joe’s floral department must have at least 20 stems in each pot!

I divided each of those plants into 4 healthy sections to add to my herb garden and wanted to take a picture of that today… but alas, as is often the case in spring… it’s raining! I hope to update this soon so you can see how beautiful they are! Stay tuned!

I love the idea of going into my garden to pick fresh basil all spring and summer into fall to add to my low-carb cooking. The aroma is heady and the infusion of fresh taste into my dishes, both cold as well as great sauces has my mind whirling with possibilities!  Caprese pizza? Maybe add a bit of prosciutto? Or “just” a simple Caprese salad with a nice fresh dressing I can whip up in minutes? 

Olga, the Founder and Chief Lunch Lady of Fablunch often has good recipes that fit within our low-carb parameters or can easily be adapted. You can follow her YouTube Channel HERE.

The possibilities are endless or at least as limitless as your imagination! Stay tuned for a great recipe roundup that will feature just some of those.

So if you haven’t subscribed now is the time so you don’t miss that or any of the other summer roundups and recipes planned for the upcoming weeks as we transition from the cool days of spring into summer.

What is your favorite way to incorporate herbs and basil in particular into your cooking? Please share in your comment below! I love hearing your ideas and who knows you may be featured in an upcoming article!

In the meantime healthy eating, good eats and ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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