Forget Noodles! Use ZOODLES!

Zoodle Maker

Forget using carb-laden noodles! Use ZOODLES instead! What are zoodles and how can you start enjoying them and all the delicious recipes? Stick around below the fold and find out!

Zoodles are long spaghetti-like strands of zucchini or summer squash. They are super easy to make using a zoodle machine! I have heard of people making them with their vegetable peelers but if you don’t get them the same diameter they tend to cook at different rates. Besides I found a great deal on the one I use! It’s called the Kitchen Basics Tri-Blade Turning Vegetable Slicer available through Amazon. It’s super fun and easy to use! See just how easy peasy in this video:

So now that you have this marvelous machine check out my EASY shrimp and zoodles recipe along with a roundup of LOTS of delicious recipes you are sure to enjoy! In the meantime, ciao for now!







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