Low-Carb Delicious ‘Eggs In Clouds’ You Are Going to LOVE!

Eggs in Clouds. What a perfect name for something so perfectly easy to make and heavenly to enjoy no matter the time of day! Our Low Carb Challenge member that brought them to my attention is making them for dinner this week. I think I might beat her and have them for lunch today!

Low-Carb Delicious Eggs in Clouds

Image Credit: BuzzFeed Tasty

Eggs In Clouds

Posted by Tasty on Saturday, October 3, 2015

If you go to the original video hosted by Tasty on Facebook you don’t find any more of a recipe than they outline in their video.  They tell you to “mix in whatever you want” with no measurements given, which is pretty standard with them.

I tried to eyeball the measuring cup but I don’t even think it matters as I don’t think that each was even filled all the way.  Just throw in whatever you’d like! Just don’t get too carried away and overpower the egg whites or else they may not stay as fluffy as you’d like.  Don’t stress, just dump it in! There are probably a million and one combinations of ingredients, meats, onions, herbs, cheeses you can try! I use these types of recipes to clean out my fridge!

I would love to hear what combination YOU try! Please leave it in your comment below or hop over to the Low Carb Challenge Facebook page and share!  
In the meantime, ciao for NOW!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

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