25 Creative Uses for Egg Cartons

25 Creative ways to use Egg Cartons

Living a low-carb lifestyle we eat LOTS of eggs! My son went in my fridge the other day and seeing that I bought them in 18 packs asked if we really eat that many eggs as apparently they don’t… so it got me to thinking… 

What are some creative ways to use all those leftover used egg cartons?

  1. Use as a palette for paints (great for kids’ artwork).
  2. Donate to a local elementary or preschool for collages or art projects.
  3. Pass along to a friend or neighbor who keeps chickens (maybe they’ll return them to you, full of eggs!).
  4. Use as starters for seeds (the cardboard cartons can be planted right in the ground; clear plastic ones can be used with the lid as a mini-greenhouse.
  5. Sort and store tiny toy components, such as Barbie shoes or Lego pieces.
  6. Organize beads and findings for jewelry making.
  7. Make a Mancala game.
  8. Use as a mise en place tray for measured spices and other ingredients while cooking. Especially good when grilling outside!
  9. Use to line the bottom and tops of boxes for shipping or moving.
  10. Organize small bits of hardware like screws, bolts and nuts.
  11. Make fire starters for camping or grilling.
  12. Corral kids’ hair accessories like rubber bands, barrettes and bobby pins in a dresser drawer or medicine cabinet.
  13. Inverted, use a couple of cardboard cartons as a makeshift trivet.

Continue reading for that other dozen of eggs… and uses!

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In the meantime, that’s all the kitchen hacks for this week and ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge Burkell

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