Diet Tips for Low Carb

Diet Tips and Tricks for Low Carb

Not that you need to have tips or tricks to pursue a low carb way of eating but here are some that might make your life a bit easier!  

You know you will be eating lots of bacon as it’s zero carb and sooo yummy so here’s easy, simple ways to cook perfect bacon every time:

I use a lot of garlic in my cooking. Here’s a quick way of peeling it without getting smelly hands! I think it’s funny that while he thinks peeling garlic is a pain in the ass but you shake the “dickens” out of it! LOL!  

Another thing you peel a lot of eating low carb are eggs. Look how easy it can be to peel hard-boiled eggs:

Is that funny or what???  

Need to separate your raw eggs yolks from the whites and hate the process? You won’t with this neat trick:

Not funny but very cool looking is an avocado “fan” you can put on salads. They are high in fat and low on carbs!

Want to cut out spaghetti but love noodles? Consider ZOODLES! Here’s how you can make them from zucchini:

Rice is another food you will want to eliminate from your diet when eating low carb. Believe it not you can make “rice” from cauliflower. See how easy it can be to turn cauliflower into “rice” for your favorite recipes:

So there you go, easy to do tips for making it simple to stay on your low-carb diet! Do YOU have one that we haven’t touched on? I would love to hear about it in your comment below!

In the meantime, CIAO for now!

Ciao! Marge 





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