Delicious Low Carb Bread – Fact or Fiction?

Delicious Low Carb Bread

As you recall, last week I reported on some cinnamon low-carb bagels that Michael and I really love… I told you that I had also ordered a loaf of their honey bread at the same time… we got the opportunity to test that out this past weekend so now I am ready to review that too for you! 

We opted to try the ThinSlim Love the Taste bread on the recommendation of a member of our wonderful Low Carb Challenge Facebook group.  Boy was she right!

Just like the bagels this has a great bread texture (unlike the sponge-like texture of the “bread” made by a competing company), tastes great and toasts wonderfully too!  It is a bit “heavier” in consistency than say something like white loaf bread but who eats that? It is more like a good raisin or multi-grain bread texture if that makes sense… more like homemade?  

ThinSlim Bread

We have tried it multiple ways, toasted with just butter, with butter (always got to have our BUTTER!) and some sugar-free jelly, butter with a low carb blend of cinnamon sugar from Penzey’s Spices, butter with a bit of peanut butter, butter with peanut butter with a few raisins diced on top.  It was great in every instance!

I even <GASP!> grabbed a slice yesterday, slapped a few slices of hard salami and mustard in between the halves… the ultimate test… a sandwich. O-M-G! I had to go find Michael and give him a bite! He all but BIT the whole thing out of my hand! We haven’t had a “real” sandwich in eons!  THIS was not just good, it was GREAT! At only 1 net carb per slice we can have a sandwich guilt free!

ThinSlim Honey Bread Nutritional Label

I cannot buy the ThinSlim Food Products locally so I order them from Netrition. With low $4.95 flat rate shipping no matter how much I spend I make sure to keep a running list and order every few weeks. You can BET I will be adding the ThinSlim bagels to my next order AND I cannot wait to try another flavor of their bread! I think I will try the “Everything” bread because we loved multi-grain regular bread!

I highly recommend the ThinSlim food products and Netrition! 

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Ready to take the “plunge?” Low carb never tasted so good! What flavor will you try first? Please let us know what you use yours for! Someone suggested STUFFING! Real, honest to goodness STUFFING! Could you ask for more? I’ll be watching for your suggestions and recommendations in your comment below or in our private Facebook group so be sure to join today!

In the meantime, ciao for now!  ~Marge

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge

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