Daily Low-Carb Food Menu…

...including Poached Eggs on Cinnamon Bagels!

Ever since learning how to make poached eggs in the microwave I cannot seem to get enough of them! Served over low- carb toasted cinnamon bagel is like heaven on a plate for breakfast! Heck I love it for lunch too! Today’s low-carb food journal features them front and center on my breakfast table! 

low carb menu including poached eggs on bagels

I love ThinSlim low-carb products, and you can read all about the bagels in my previous review… suffice it to say at only 2 net carbs for a whole bagel I try to always have them in the freezer!  You can also read all about all the different flavors in our SkinnyOnLowCarbProducts section!



Lunch is poolside and this bacon, tomato, cucumber salad is just the right amount of cool and savory! Jessica of Simply Healthy Home hit the mark here!  I cut back on the amount of net carbs in mine by peeling the cucumber (who knew before living low-carb that the darned skin holds half the carbs in a cucumber!?  I mean really?  Wondering what else you don’t know about cucumbers?

Anyway, all that aside, this delicious bacon, tomato and cucumber salad, served with unsweetened iced tea helps keep the daily water intake up while rounding out a delicious lunch!

Dinner is simple, with a great salmon patty bought frozen at Costco that is easy to throw on the grill. Simple faux “potato” salad and fresh steamed green beans makes for a meal that’s no fuss, no muss yet yummy and nutritious!

Snacks with evening cocktails (read how that may stall you so you can decide yay or nay) are cubed cheese and pepperoni… again I opt for simple yet filling.  

Low Carb Food Journal

As you can see in my daily low-carb food journal all this food is only 13 net carbs! So I can easily opt to have another snack or something else (dare I say a glass of wine with dinner?) and still be under 20 net carbs for my entire day!  My macros are also right in line too with my 5% carbs, 70% fat and 20% protein goals! YAY! You will find that if you strive for a balanced diet you will pretty much do that consistently without even thinking about it.  

So what’s on your plate today? Are you finding my menus helpful? If they are please take the time to leave a thumbs up and share it with your low-carb Facebook groups so your friends can benefit too!
In the meantime, until tomorrow, ciao for now!

Ciao! ~Marge

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