How to Make Crack Slaw Tacos Your Family Will Love!

... AND Keep It Low Carb!

I love making crack slaw for an easy meal… and this recipe makes it simpler yet by utilizing prepackaged slaw! Want to take it from a side dish to the main event….  here’s what I do!


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First you are going to want to make your crack slaw.  Watch how easy it is in this video and grab the printable recipe on the Tasteaholics website!  

mama_lupesOnce you have your crack slaw made grab sa low-carb soft tortilla and wrap it around a good healthy serving!  I have a number of them I use; I can usually find either low-carb LaBanderita or Mission  in my local Walmart but when I am putting in my regular Netrition order I am always sure to add some Mama Lupe’s to the list as they are a lot less carbs than the other two! 

You can add some sour cream, a bit of salsa or diced tomatoes and guacamole too if you are so inclined and it will still be a really low carb meal you and your family will love!

Shhhh!  Don’t tell them it’s low carb! They will never know! <giggle>
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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