Christmas Cookies – Low Carb Recipe Roundup

13 Low Carb Christmas Cookie Recipes!

Who doesn’t love cookies at Christmas? People that live a low carb lifestyle? NO! You don’t have to forego Christmas cookies if you have the right recipes! 

Now I have to admit to being a bit of a Christmas cookie “snob.” Well, not so much as a snob but there are certain cookies my family loves and others they simply don’t. So I gave up on cookie exchanges years ago! I would bake and bake and bake to make enough to share and then come home with cookies my family just wouldn’t eat! Argh!!!  

Here are some amazing low carb Christmas cookie recipes… ones I know MY family will love. That list will be different for everyone, but it’ll get you started onto the right path to holiday delights! ENJOY!!!




Sugar-Free Buckeyes

Sugar-Free Buckeyes

Christmas Pizzelles

Christmas Pizzelles

Sour Cream Drop Cookie

Sour Cream Drop Cookies



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