How to Make an Unsurpassed Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup

...Certified Low-Carb DELICIOUS!

Okay, so I have been a slacker! It’s not that I haven’t been working but I have been testing out new recipes in my kitchen. I am sure you have seen the pictures I posted on our Low Carb Challenge group and Facebook page as many of you have commented and messaged me!

I know, I know, I promised recipes! So with that in mind I am sitting here now to give you the first of many! Here’s that low-carb hearty vegetable soup you all drooled over last week!  ENJOY!

How to Make Certified Low Carb Delicious Vegetable Beef Soup

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Enjoy These Delicious Low Carb Chili Recipes!

I admit it, I am a summer person and I absolutely HATE to see the first day of school! With fall come cooler temps and heartier food. One thing I do love when the wind turns crisp like the leaves on the ground is a great bowl of chili with some delicious cornbread… ALL low carb of COURSE!

Certified Low Carb Delicious Chili Recipes

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How to Make Chicken Stock in Your Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Qt Slow Cooker

We all buy them, those rotisserie chickens in our local supermarket! I admit it, I do too! They are a great buy and make a number of meal for Michael and I.  They don’t cost me anymore than buying and making my own!

We eat 1/2 of the breasts for one meal, and use the rest of the white meat along with all the “leftover” meat for chicken salad or sandwiches. I don’t stop there… 

How to Make Chicken Stock in Your Slow Cooker

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Make Your Mother’s Comfort Food Recipes

...Low-Carb DELICIOUS with the help of Cauli-Rice!

Make Your Mothers Comfort Food LOW Carb!

Last week we learned to make cauliflower rice and transformed it into fried rice that has all the flavor of the original!  That was followed up with the cauli-rice recipe roundup in which I promised a roundup of recipes that incorporate cauliflower as rice.

That simple ingredient allows those of us on a low-carb lifestyle to enjoy some comfort foods that had been lacking in our meal plans. Meals we grew up with… that our mothers made…but no more! Here’s just some of the BEST of those recipes! 

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6 Best Low-Carb Weight Loss Soup Recipes

Best Low-Carb Weight Loss Soup Recipes

We’re coming down to the wire! My SOUPER Super Bowl party will be here before I know it! I have at least 6 crock pots of soup coming for our Super Bowl buffet and each one will be as wonderful and noteworthy as my friends that will make them! We all love finding and making new soups so I thought I would share just some of them with you.  

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