How to Make Delicious Easy to Make Granola


One thing I really miss since going low carb almost three years ago is the freshly made granola at Costco. I know I have recipe roundups for cold and hot cereals but what I mean is granola, like trail mix, that I can toss in a baggie and take on the go.

How to Make Delicious Easy to Make Granola

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How to Make Delicious Homemade Doritos!

...Certified LOW-CARB!

Doritos on on a low-carb diet? An oxymoron, right? NO! Here’s how you can  make low-carb tortilla chips  into delicious Doritos easy breezy!  

Low Carb Doritos

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How to Make a Last Minute BLT Dip Your Guests will LOVE!

... Certified Low Carb Delicious!

Looking for a simple snack or appetizer but don’t have a lot of time or ingredients?  This low-carb BLT dip is made from a lot of things we normally have in the house!

BLT Dip Your Guests will LOVE!

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How to Make an Unsurpassed Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Dip

...that's Certified Low-Carb Delicious!

We love to take jalapeno pimento cheese spread to the beach with us! As a matter of fact I started out buying the Palmetto Cheese pictured here at my local Costco and if you would rather buy than make yours I recommend it highly!

Although we were going through so much of it and even would run out while at the shore house (heaven forbid couldn’t find it at their local store!) we rented that I found myself  needing to figure out how to make some that at least compared to the original.

Low-Carb Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Dip

Image Credit: Pawleys Island Specialty Foods

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ULTIMATE Guide – 200+ Amazing Appetizers for Game Day!

ALL Certified Low-Carb Delicious!

Every year we host a big party for Super Bowl. I could frankly care less who plays or who wins the actual football game. It’s just a great “excuse” to get together  with some of my favorite people to party, eat and drink!

It is known as our SOUPER Super Bowl Party as it showcases some of my guests’ best soups (we usually have 6 to 8 varieties keeping warm in slow cookers), appetizers, sides and desserts! 

Ultimate Guide to 200+ Low Carb Appetizers

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How-to-Make Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip for This Week’s Game!

This easy to make Buffalo Chicken Cheese dip is sure to be a big HIT with everyone at this week’s game!

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip

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