How to Make a Low-Carb Loaf of Bread You’ll Love!

...that's UNDER 4 Net Carbs per LOAF!

I absolutely love this easy to make low-carb bread! @lchfsherita71 on Instagram but the recipe wasn’t complete. After conversing back and forth for a while and a bit of online research I came up with a full recipe that I felt would work and boy does it!


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How to Make the Best Low Carb Recipes for Picnics and Barbeques!

I was chatting with a member of our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group about finding great grilling recipes you can use all season long… and when I published my recipe for “How to Make Delicious Herb-Grilled Chicken” I realized that before I teach you how to convert that into another yummy meal I really wanted to do this roundup! 

How to Make the Best Low Carb Recipes for Picnics and Barbeques!

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Low-Carb Coconut Flour Recipes that Will Absolutely CHANGE Your Life!

I have had so many people ask me lately for recipes using just coconut flour I decided to devote a full recipe roundup to just that!

Normally coconut flour is added in very small amounts to almond flour in baked goods to keep the finished product from staying too “wet.” But there are some recipes out there that use a good bit of coconut flour; here’s 5 dozen!

Low Carb Coconut Flour Recipe Roundup

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13 Certified Low-Carb Donuts Your Family Will Flip Over!

Okay, confession time. I got to go to a great beach house with super friends for my birthday last week. And I insisted that on the way to the 4 x 4 beach where the wild ponies wander about I insisted that we stop at Duck Donuts to grab a dozen for breakfast! YES! Doughnuts! YES! Me! No excuses, they are magnificent doughnuts! But I certainly am not going to make a habit of that! 

Certified Low Carb Delicious Donuts

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13 Absolutely Delicious Certified Low-Carb Cinnamon Rolls!

A facetious post on a low-carb Facebook group this past week prompted lots of unnecessary outrage with comments leaning toward uninformed “NO! You cannot eat cinnamon rolls!” variety.

Well, I don’t want our own #TheLowCarbChallenge private Facebook group to think that such delicious pastries are out of their reach when practicing a low carb way of eating! 

Low Carb Cinnamon Rolls

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Low-Carb Cauliflower Biscuits;

...easy to make, delicious to eat!

One of the members of our Facebook group #TheLowCarbChallenge alerted me to this great video by Cooking Light magazine! With some slight adaptations it was easy to make it even lower carb! If you don’t mind the slightly higher cost you can also make it with Cauliflower Rice you can buy at Trader Joe’s! 

low carb cauliflower biscuits

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