How to Make Cash Every Time You Shop!

...Buying What You Are Anyway Every Day!


I want to share my secret with you… how I got  an extra $100 back from buying the Christmas presents I was going to anyway! How I earn cash each and every time I buy online! Because YOU can earn cash too! It’s simple and easy if you know how!


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Money Saving Coupons AND Fun Giveaways!

Through my affiliation with Escalate Media I have some great savings AND fun giveaways for you this week!

Be sure to act FAST because these offers are very timely and I never know when they will disappear!

First be sure to enter the Whole Foods $500 Giveaway! Who can’t use $500 worth of groceries?!?  I would LOVE to see one of you win this!


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Make Bulletproof Coffee in a FREE Ninja Blender!

Make Bulletproof Coffee in a FREE Ninja Blender

When pursuing a low carb way of eating I always suggest to my friends, family and clients that they KISS, or keep it simple. JUST count net carbs, keep them to less than 20 per day, eat only when you are hungry, not bored, and stop when full, not stuffed. It really works! BUT if you find that you have stalled a bit then I suggest adding some extra fat into your daily routine.  The easiest way to do that is to drink a cup or two of bulletproof coffee.  

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12 Low Carb Smoothie Recipes Plus Enter to WIN a Ninja Professional Blender!

Make GREAT low carb summertime shakes and smoothies AND enter to win a Ninja Pro Blender!

On a long hot summer afternoon it tastes so good to savor a delicious, ice cold shake or smoothie!  Especially when you can enjoy that decadence guilt free! These low carb smoothie recipes can help you do just that and a chance to win a fabulous Ninja Professional Blender BL660 with Single Serve Blending Cups to make them with makes this an even sweeter deal!  

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