FREE Keto Summit! How to Sign Up NOW & Watch Online FREE!

... For ALL Low-Carb Enthusiasts!

I just got done videoing an Instagram InstaStory and you know I was all set to try out my new Cuisinart food processor by “experimenting” with some pesto… BUT I just got this email about a FREE keto (low carb) online summit that you can attend online so I promptly sat down to tell you all about it! I already signed up and I know that you will want to too! Just LOOK at the experts they have lined up!

Keto Summit Experts

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What IS a Low-Carb High Fat Diet All About?

Many people have been asking me in my Instagram InstaTip videos exactly what is a low-carb lifestyle and why does it work to help lose weight? So I am going to back up here a bit and explain it in very simple terms so that it might help you in understanding what it is and if it is for you. 

The How and Why of a LCHF Lifestyle

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How to EASILY Calculate Your Macro Percentages Into Grams

...for Your Low-Carb Lifestyle

One question that gets asked a lot is how to calculate fat, protein and carbohydrate macros into grams when trying to lose weight on a low-carb diet.  I have always found the online calculators very confusing and gave up on them. I spent this week doing a lot of research to see if I could make it any easier for you.  The result is this infographic and calculations that made is simple to get a baseline!

Easily calculate your low-carb macros into grams

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