FREE and Low-Cost Low-Carb Cookbooks You’ll Love!

Even with thousands of certified low-carb delicious recipes on the site I am always looking for MORE! I know you are too because you ask for them in our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group all the time. So I thought I would take a few minutes to give you some that I think you’ll really like! 

Free and Low Cost Low-Carb Cookbooks

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Low Carb Smoothies – FREE Recipe Book!

...Just in Case the Previous 12 Weren't Enough!

Low Carb Smoothies Recipe BookI was just using our FREE E-BOOKS link located in our lefthand sidebar to see what FREE Kindles books are available right now and found this great Low Carb Smoothies book with 80 MORE recipes for low-carb shakes! So if the previous recipe roundup of 12 certified low-carb delicious shake and smoothie recipes weren’t enough be sure to go download this right now while it’s still available!  

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FREE Low-Carb (or ANY Other) Audible Audio Books with a One-Month FREE Trial!


Audible 30 Day Free Trial from

A lot of my readers love the fact that using the FREE e-books image in our right-hand sidebar they can download FREE Kindle books any time of the day or night. A lot of them tell me though that they really like and/or prefer audio books, especially when travelling, laying on the beach or lounging beside the pool. For all of you I have been able to score a great deal! A full month AND not just one but TWO audio books of Audible! Just look at the great low-carb titles that are available for you! 

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FREE Low Carb / Diabetic Recipe Book

...GRAB your copy NOW!

New: FREE Low Carb / Diabetic Recipe Book

This is a great collection of low-carb meals, snacks, and treats. Great for diabetics as well as anyone living a low-carb lifestyle. This exclusive book is brought to you by Diabetic Connect, the largest online community for people affected by diabetes. It’s absolutely FREE …

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9 FREE Low-Carb Kindle eBooks

FREE (as of posting, double check to be sure) low-carb  Kindle eBooks to add to your library!  I have NOT vetted each of the recipes as the sale is VERY time sensitive and I wanted to get it to you ASAP so please be sure to check carb counts on each before buying your ingredients!

You do NOT have to have a Kindle (I don’t) to read or use these! Use the link in my left-hand sidebar to get a FREE Kindle app that allows you to read them on just about any mobile device OR on your computer!  Get your links to all these eBooks below!

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4 FREE Low-Carb Kindle eBooks

FREE Low Carb eBooks!

Here’s  4 FREE Kindle eBooks that will help you maintain this lifestyle! As always when I shoot you these time sensitive offers I have NOT had a chance to vet them so please be aware and double check every recipe before using! But GRAB them now! You can always delete them from your library later if you’d like but they are FREE right now, not later!  

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