How and Why I Use Ebates to Get FREE Money!

...and Consistently Get $$$ in the Mail!

I love using Ebates to earn FREE MONEY! I know you know I can be frugal and I use it all the time now to earn cash back for the things I have to buy.  I used to forget all about it when I made online purchases BUT now that I know all the tips and tricks it’s so easy that I consistently get checks in the mail all the time! So far to date I have earned over $444 buying things I would have bought already! You can too!  

I am going to show you how easy it is so YOU can start earning cash back with almost every online purchase you make! Pretty soon YOU will find yourself doing what I do and order online even when picking up in-store so you earn FREE money!

How and Why I Use Ebates to Get FREE Money!

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Can You REALLY Reverse Diabetes With Diet?

Is it really possible to reverse diabetes and get off insulin by modifying your lifestyle? Sami Inkinen and Dr. Sarah Hallberg are making just that case being interviewed on The Doctors about Virta Health, their tech company that is reversing type 2 diabetes using a low-carb, high fat, moderate protein diet… sound familiar?  

Reversing Diabetes

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So What is IN April’s Keto Krate? Will YOU love it?

I love the guys at Keto Krate! Even though I told them that I probably wouldn’t get a chance to write up a full blown review they insisted that they send their April subscription box so that I could share with you what’s in it… so YOU can decide if it’s something YOU want!  

April Keto Krate

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Check OUT What’s in the March Keto Krate!

Mini-Reviews AND Cost Comparisons TOO!

I was so excited when I discovered my March Keto Krate in my mailbox today! The guys that own the company are nice enough to send me one so that I can share its contents with you! While they sent it to me all of my opinions are my own, well mine and Michael’s who helped me taste test this month’s products this morning… so here’s what is in it and what we thought.

March Keto Krate

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What’s in the February Keto Krate Subscription Box? it Worth the Cost?

WOW! Our KetoKrate just arrived and I thought you’d want to see what’s included right away!

It’s an ugly gray day here in Virginia today but it’s February and it I wait for sun they might run out of krates! So here’s my unboxing video to see what’s included so you can decide if it’s for you!

Februarry Keto Krate

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