Which Foundation to Use When…

... for a Flawless Face?

Which Foundation when and WHERE?

I was contacted by a wonderful  reader this past week thanking me for the article on how to achieve a flawless face and asking me what foundation I prefer to achieve the look.

After writing her a lengthy e-mail that somehow got eaten by the Verizon network I promised her that I would write an article this week to answer all of her questions! 

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How To Apply Cream Blush…

...so you Don't look like a CLOWN!

How to Apply Cream Blush

There are all sorts of cream blushes on the market now. The Too Faced face palettes I love each have one. Colour Pop has some great cream to powder blushes as do many of the other cosmetic companies. They look great alone or serve as a super way to prolong the wear of the powder blush you may layer on top! But you need to apply it correctly so you don’t end up looking like a clown! 

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Dior Tie-Dye Blush; HOT or NOT?

...do I love it or return it???

Dior Tie Dye Blushl; HOT Or NOT?

In last week’s review of the Too Faced face palettes I revealed that I had ordered and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Dior Tie-Dye blush in the shade Coral Sunset. I was hoping to make it my go-to blush for summer with both the face palettes I love… so has it lived up to my expectations?

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Can Your Makeup Make you Sick?

Is Your Makeup Making You Sick?

I saw the following news report on my local news channel and was happy that my readers wouldn’t be having any sores breaking out on their faces like Joe St. George had around his eye earlier in the week! Not from dirty brushes or expired, needed to be thrown away makeup anyhow!  

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