How to Calculate Net Carbs; Why It Musts Be Done Per Dish NOT Day

How to Calculate Net Carbs

Total Carbs MINUS Total Fiber MINUS Alcohol (NOT regular) Sugars when eating sweets = Net Carbs that can be absorbed by your body. THAT said I am seeing a lot of people on my and other Facebook groups making  the incorrect assumption that they can take their total carbs for a day and the total fiber for the day and subtracting one from the other for their daily total.  It simply does not work that way…

You have to do those calculations in one serving of food, drink, condiment, meds, spices, etc., whatever that is passing your lips during the day, and then and only then you can add them up for your daily total.  

Tossing back some high-fiber food later in a day is not going to ever counter the high in carbs food you ate previously. Tossing flax seeds on pasta is not going to negate the carbs in that pasta.  Use the nutritional label on your food, the  calculator in the sidebar or use Google but figure out the net carbs in each food individually and then and only then add them onto the total of your carbs as you progress through your day…  

Keep those carbs under 20 net per day. Eat only when hungry not bored and stop when full not stuffed. Wash it all down with plenty of water …repeat …repeat …repeat.  

The majority of the Facebook group members seem to have made this mistake because they are using the My Fitness Pal app… I don’t use it because it allows individuals to add to the database and that leaves it wide open for error and I guess it doesn’t calculate net carbs per food.

I am presently testing out the nutritionix iOS app for eating out and grocery foods. I prefer this app because it has a verified nutrition base that is controlled by companies and restaurants submitting their nutritional information. 9 times out of 10 I use my own nutritional calculator in the sidebar or I just Google carbs in ______ because they are both tied to the USDA database.  

Do you have a low carb app you like?  Please feel free to share it in your comment below!  

In the meantime that’s the skinny on skinny… and ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge

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5 thoughts on “How to Calculate Net Carbs; Why It Musts Be Done Per Dish NOT Day

  1. This makes alot of sense to me. Looks like I’m going back to paper & pencil. Please let us know if the app you are testing out is a good one. Thank you for all that you do:)

  2. I am so glad you posted this article. People forget to look at the top of the label, the “portion” size and it is so important. Let us know if the app you are using now is working well. This helped me and I know will help so many others. Keep bringing us all the information you can!

    • You are so sweet Jenny! Thank you for your kind words.
      I love helping others do exactly what I have done and am more
      than happy to help. Thanks for being such an amazing member of
      our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group! I don’t know what I
      Would have done without you tonight! Thanks today, tomorrow
      and forever!

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