24 BBQ Sauce Recipe – ALL Low Carb!

17. My Favorite BBQ Sauce

My Favorite BBQ Sauce


This simple “My Favorite BBQ Sauce” recipe is a favorite of many on Facebook low carb groups like our #TheLowCarbChallenge so I simply could never overlook it! Genaw is a good site for lots of low carb recipes!

18. Chipotle Whiskey Barbecue Sauce

Chipotle Whiskey Barbecue Sauce


Straight from the Swerve site I have seen many famous food bloggers, cooks and chefs use this sweet, sultry and seductive Chipotle Whiskey Barbecue Sauce for amazing results! 

19. Carolina BBQ SAUCE

Carolina BBQ SAUCE


If you don’t know Maria you ought to and if you haven’t tried her rendition of Carolina BBQ Sauce you need to do that now!

20. Copycat Paula Deen Sugar Free BBQ sauce

Copycat Paula Deen Sugar Free BBQ sauce


If you aren’t aware Paula Deen is a diabetic so she has changed up her way of cooking and eating. If you aren’t aware of Elizabeth of Up Late Anyway you will be! While she doesn’t come from a food background (she’s a techie of sorts like me) but her food and recipes show real heart and flavors! Like this Copycat Paula Deen Sugar Free BBQ sauce! Try it! 

21. Sugar Free Smoky Tomato Mango BBQ Sauce

Sugar Free Smoky Tomato Mango BBQ Sauce


Tell me that Mellissa of I Breathe I’m Hungry has a BBQ sauce interlacing smoky and mango and I am all over it! You should try her Sugar Free Smoky Tomato Mango BBQ Sauce too! It’s sure to be a winner when you want a marriage of sweet and smoky!

22. Blackberry BBQ Sauce

Blackberry BBQ Sauce


For those times when only a really fruity, sweet sauce will do… try this Blackberry BBQ Sauce… but only if you are comfortable with lots of compliments!

23. Sugar Free BBQ Sauce with BACON!

Sugar Free BBQ Sauce


BACON! That said it all for me! But you can… although I don’t know why… leave it out and substitute liquid smoke in this Sugar Free BBQ Sauce… NAH!

24. No-Cook Low Carb Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

No-Cook Low Carb Bourbon Barbecue Sauce


In a hurry but want full-bodied flavor? Then throw together this No-Cook Low Carb Bourbon Barbecue Sauce! Yes, you read it right, you don’t even have to cook the sauce before you use it!

How to Make a Low Carb Barbecue Sauce


Want step by step instructions on How to Make a Low Carb Barbecue Sauce? Then be sure to check out these directions at wikiHow!

No matter if the recipe has 4 ingredients or a full list you are sure to find just the right BBQ sauce(s) for your family in the two dozen listed here! You can use them guilt free without the fear they will throw you out of ketosis or hide a multitude of carbs! Did we find your favorite? What do you enjoy using it on? We love your feedback so leave a comment below!

In the meantime, ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge

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