How to Get Rid of Your Jiggly Batwings!

...AKA Tone UP Your Upper Arm Bat Wings!

I know you are saying BUT it’s our day of rest from our current Squat Challenge! It IS! But I am coming to you with another challenge! This time a Batwing Challenge! So your mission, should you choose to accept it is to get rid of those jiggly (you know, like jello wiggly) upper arms!


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Yep, that’s what that silly selfie is all about… (no judging, have hardly a lick of makeup on but I wasn’t putting it on just for this picture!) because most of us don’t really love our upper arms.  I decided that along with the 30-Day Squat Challenge I am going to sneak in some upper arm exercises.

I decided on a very easy one to start. It’s known as a tricep dip and while they can be done on the floor or standing up I opted to start vertically. As I explain in the video below I did it for selfish reasons. I will be on vacation at the end of the squat challenge and I simply don’t want to be lying on a hotel room floor.  

Also as mentioned in my video please do NOT use me as the proper way of ever doing any exercise! I am not a trainer, I am a low-carber just like you that is looking to get fit and look the best I can. That’s the reason I always tell you do NOT do any exercise you are not up to and be sure to consult with your healthcare professional before doing anything mentioned anywhere on my site! It is why I have this video for you to see how a tricep dip should be properly done:

Don’t you just love her accent? Just knowing I can do them “in front of the telly” makes it all seem less like exercise (which I hate) and more like fun! LOL!  Oh, and NO you will NOT see me doing them with a ball! Truth be told I had one of those years ago, I gave it to the kids to play with! I am far too uncoordinated for that. I bet you can though! Looks interesting, and fun! I might just have to try it again.

I also mentioned in my video that if you are still heavier than you would like there is a great video to show you how this gal coped with that:

As you can see in both those videos they did their tricep dips from a chair or bench where they could easily drop down in front of it.  You can do them from other surfaces too but I found that just starting out I would catch myself cheating and using my legs. But you will find me doing them (sometimes LIVE, sometimes in a recorded video) in a variety of spots over the next month or so…

So if you haven’t joined our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group I suggest you do that now, because I usually film live for them and don’t always share it outside the group. Not even here in the website. We keep it pretty real, you might see me in my pj’s, bathing suit, with or without makeup, and I don’t normally share those with the world to see. Sometimes, like I did a little bit this week, not not typically. So join the Low Carb Challenge if you want it all… real and unedited. They are a wonderful community that shares tips, low-carb recipes, new foods they’ve found and are always doling out love and support to one another so you’ll love them as much as I do!

Did you catch that the gal with the cute accent mentioned that you could do some and rest, rinse and repeat? Same as I suggested for the Squat Challenge! No pain no gain doesn’t wash here in my site. If you want that there are plenty of other places that will be your drill sergeant.  You won’t get that from me. 

So what do you think? Want to join me? I did not find any real schedule for how many to do but I think I am just going to leave it up to what my body says and let you do that too! I am going to aim to do 10 of them to start each day and increase as I feel my own body is up to it. I really don’t know how many I did today because I was literally practicing all over the house as I figured out where I could do them comfortably and still catch a video! Go figure.

Tomorrow I aim for 10 to start and do them a minimum of every other day and maybe double up on our squat challenge rest days…

How about you??? Let me know with your comment below! In the meantime, ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

p.s. if you are looking for one of those balls you can find them at Kohl’s both online and sometimes in the store. I love ordering online when I find a 30% off code, free shipping and of course I use ebates for even more cash back! Here’s just a few of what they carry:



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