Low-Carb Bacon Chips and Guacamole You Are Going to Die For!

OMG I love bacon! Don’t you love bacon? How about guacamole? I love that too! So when I saw this video of Low-Carb Bacon Chips and Guacamole I just KNEW I had to share it with you! Not only that, I knew I had to give you a kick-ass recipe for guacamole I know you are going to die for!

Low-Carb Bacon Chips and Guacamole You Are Going to Die For!!

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Bacon AS chips?

Your better believe it! If you read my recipe roundup of how to lose weight while eating chips you’ll know that there are great “chips” you can enjoy while living a low-carb lifestyle! Bacon chips are just one! They show baking them on parchment paper in the oven, which is a great way to make a lot at a time.  But when I want to make just enough for Michael and myself I use my microwave bacon plate! It just makes it fast and easy and cleanup’s a breeze! I can also easily pour off the bacon grease to use for later meals!

Now You Need Kick-Ass Guacamole! Now that you have your bacon chips you’re going to want a great low-carb guacamole recipe! There are lots to be found but I tend to favor #26 in this great Mexican food recipe roundup but if you really love bacon check out #8!  I guarantee that no one has ever overdosed on bacon! There you have it! Kick-Ass bacon CHIPS and guacamole! Your friends are going to kiss you!   

Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

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