Drinking Alcohol on a Low Carb Diet

The question of whether or not one can drink alcoholic beverages on a low-carb diet comes up all the time, especially at holiday time… or in the summer by the pool… or, well you get the drift!

It came up just yesterday on our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group. I promised to get this article finished and up asap, so here you go, the answer to your question!

Alcoholic Beverages on a Low-Carb Diet



[gview file=”http://margeburkell.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Carbs-in-Beer.pdf”]

I suggest if you want a beer that isn’t included in this list you just Google it.  It is very difficult to get nutritional info on brands like craft beers. In those cases I always recommend going with the worst case scenario.

Next let’s explore wine. Here are carb counts for the most common wines people drink on a day-to-day basis:



Can brands vary? Of course, just like foods. In doubt, guestimate high, not low, to be safe.

Of course the “best” choice is to drink mixed drinks made of hard liquor mixed with sugar-free mixes.  These all have 0 carbs!

  • Bourbon
  • Brandy
  • Cognac
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Scotch
  • Tequila
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey

Be careful when switching to cocktails as many contain sugar or sugary mixes. Always ask before ordering if out. I sometimes fake the fact that I am a diabetic and ask if it can be made with a sugar substitute. You’d be surprised what a bartender (my hubby was one when I met him in college) can do! We spent one whole vacation in Mexico at an all-inclusive drinking sugar-free mojitos!

If you would like to make them yourself you are going to need to make sugar-free simple syrup! You’ll also find more than a few low-carb cocktails included here in our site. 

Looking for even more ideas for low-carb cocktails? This book by the same name comes in both paperback and Kindle editions. You don’t even have to own a Kindle! I don’t! Just download the free Kindle app to read it on any computer of mobile device.

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  • how to drink responsibly
  • the preferred liquors, wines, and beers for stocking your bar
  • sugar-free mixers, garnishes, and other ingredients to have on hand
  • the nonalcoholic equivalents of today’s most popular cocktails
  • which low-carb protein-rich snacks can slow the absorption of alcohol

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As mentioned in my video we all tend to snack more when drinking… be PREPARED!  Have lots of low-carb alternatives handy to snack on! If you are going out put and not sure what will be available… put a packet or two of low-carb almonds or something just as easy in your purse for “emergencies!” 

Most of all, KISS! Keep it SUPER Simple! If you are in this for the long haul you need to be able to live it every day… and if you make it too hard you know what happens… you’ll quit! I know I would have! I would definitely still be fat! I wouldn’t feel as good as I do now. 

Do what you need to do. Do your homework and figure out what drinks and brands work into your carb count before you go out! It won’t work every time if you are going to someone’s home and they don’t have anything low carb… in those instances I try to take a chilled bottle of wine or champagne on the ruse of helping them celebrate! Be creative! Believe me, it’s worth the final results!  

What’s YOUR favorite low-carb alcoholic beverage? I love hearing from you so please post it in your comment below or on our Low Carb Challenge Facebook wall! In the meantime if you found this helpful please take a minute to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! You can use the quick and easy social media links below.
Ciao for now! (yeah did you catch my Freudian slip in the video?) ~Marge

Ciao! ~Marge


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