37 Delicious Low-Carb Zoodle Recipes

37 Delicious Low Carb Zoodle Recipes

Everyone seems to be checking in on the Zoodle craze these days! Even the Huffington Post has published a post about zoodles! I am sure you saw my article this past week explaining just what zoodles are and how you can transform them into an absolutely delicious Shrimp and Zoodles dish! Now here’s the best of roundup I promised in that one! Stick with us, try them out and be sure to let me know which is YOUR favorite!

While the Huffington Post article uses all sorts of veggies that can be used as zoodles (don’t worry we’re going to get to those in an upcoming post) we are going to concentrate on zucchini and we, unlike them, are going to be sure that they are all low carb so you can eat to your heart’s content!

Look at how easy it is to make zoodles! My granddaughter loves it when I make them when she’s here! It’s FUN!  

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Now that you see how EASY it is to make zoodles let’s get on with the BEST low-carb zoodle recipes!

Low Carb Shrimp with Zoodles Recipe

Of course I have to start off with my Shrimp and Zoodles! They are the BOMB! Make the entire entree in minutes and gather compliments for hours! You will find the recipe here.

Zoodle Skillet Breakfast

Photo courtesy of Inspiralized.com

Start your day off right by incorporating zoodles into your BREAKFAST or BRUNCH! Check out this Zucchini Spaghetti Skillet recipe at Inspriralized.com! Use a low-carb sauce, leave out the kale (did you know it has 11x the carbs as romaine?) and chickpeas for a low carb meal your family will love!

Other zoodle breakfast recipes:

Zoodle Breakfast Casserole


Zoodles and Eggs


MORE Zoodles and Eggs


  • MORE Zoodles with Eggs and Tomatoes 
Pesto Zucchini Noodle Bacon Frittata





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