Mouthwatering Unexpected Ways to Make Oopsie Rolls

Unless you live under a rock if you live a low carb lifestyle you know what an oopsie roll is. BUT did you know how versatile they are? Here’s a Super Oopsie Roll Roundup! 

Unexpected Ways to Use Oopsie Rolls

First let’s start off with the traditional oopsie roll recipe.  While you can add/or subtract flavoring, seeds, etc here’s the basic recipe:

1. Basic Recipe

I had the recipe listed here with a link to the person that says they are the originator of the recipe but they insisted I remove it. So here is a link to another site where you can grab the recipe. It is available all over the Internet and on low-carb Facebook groups and pages; they never vary and you will find that those same ingredients are the basis of all the other recipes in this roundup.

My only word of advice when making them, be sure to beat the egg whites VERY stiff. That will make the difference in your finished rolls.  ~Marge

See how easy they are to make:

Start with a simple to throw together recipe. Just be absolutely sure to beat the egg white super stiff! That’s the secret to success! Then you can take the recipe and transform it into all sorts of wonderful creations!

#2. Oopsie Pizza Crust

The crust doesn’t get crunchy but it tastes like a REAL pizza!  

#3. Parmesan Oopsie Breadsticks

Parmesan Oopsie Bread Sticks


Did someone actually say they missed Olive Garden bread sticks???

#4. Oopsie Noodle Lasagna

Don’t go without lasagna another day! Grab this recipe today to serve tomorrow!


Just look at this Oopsie to DIE for dessert!!! I want to lick my monitor every time I look at it!

#6. Oopsie Medallions W/Raspberry and Almond Cream

Having a tea? Serve these individual Oopsie medallions with raspberry and almond cream and your guests won’t stop raving about them!

#7. Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Casserole

You aren’t going to want a pot pie with a traditional crust after trying this low carb buffalo chicken casserole!

#8. Low Carb Eggs Benedict on Oopsie Rolls

#9. Oopsie French Bread

Enjoy french toast without the guilt of carbs! I like to put lots of butter and sugar-free Aunt Jemima syrup over mine!

#10. Oopsie Batter Waffles

Because sometimes plain old pancakes won’t do. You can also make these oopsie batter waffles with or without sugar free cocoa added to the mix and sandwich some sugar-free ice cream in between two quarters for a wonderful take on an ice cream sandwich!



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    • Hi Rhonda!

      Sorry about that! When originally published they provided the translation to English.

      Maybe this will help?


      Parmesan cheese freshly grated – 30g (approximately 1 ounce or 3 heaping tablespoons)
      Herbs de Provence
      Flaxseed – 1 tbsp
      Kräutersalz (I believe this is kosher salt)
      Eggs – 3
      Cream cheese – 3 tablespoons ( 100g )
      Guar Gum – 1 tsp


      1. Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff.
      2. Add the remaining ingredients except the Parmesan , stir together and fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites gently .
      3. The mass either pour entirely on a lined baking tray or as individual small portions . (baked as one big piece or already cut into breadsticks)
      4. Bake 150 degrees about 20 minutes. (300°F)
      5. When the mass begins to cure itself ,sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and continue baking . (after it has set up some sprinkle with the cheese and continue to bake)
      6. When complete mass it might take a little longer , so it would be beneficial to check the condition of the mass in between
      (I read this as if you are baking it as one solid piece it will take longer so be sure to keep checking on it)

      Portion: 8
      Quantity: 8
      Ready in : 30 minutes

  1. I love Oopsies and make them many ways. One way I like is to just pour the batter out on a large cookie sheet and bake for 25 min. Then I cut them into six rectangular shaped ‘buns’. I use these for roll-ups or melts.

  2. Thanks for including our Eggs Benedict and Basic Oopsies! And a great list too! I’ll share it for all our followers to get some inspiration 🙂

    • Sorry Jackie, I have no control on which of the other sites
      allow translation but every one of them on our site translated
      to English when included in any recipe roundup. If they stopped
      translating after inclusion I have no way of monitoring that.

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