How Does Flour Enter Into Low-Carb Diets?

How does flour fit into your low carb diet?


So you decided to join #TheLowCarbChallenge and are now coming up on your two week mark or past the induction phase… so you can now add flour into your way of eating! What’s that mean? It means you can add some GREAT low-carb foods to your list of okay to eat! Like bread, chocolate cake and MORE! So WHAT flour is okay to add that won’t throw you out of ketosis and make you gain weight?

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“KISS” with Simple Low Carb Salads!

Low Carb Salads

So many times on low carb Facebook groups and pages I see people inquiring how they can keep the cost down and the flavor up in low carb. Well I am here to tell you that it needn’t cost any more than your normal way of eating and you can make dishes that are super simple while giving your family and friends dishes they will love!  

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