Checklist to Get Started on a Low Carb Diet: Best Way to Start Low Carb

Most people get started on low-carb for one of two reasons, either they need to improve their health or they flat out just want to lose weight to look good. A low-carb lifestyle is a great vehicle to accomplish both! 

How to Get Started on Low-Carb Checklist

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How to Kick-Off Your Low Carb Diet with Induction!

How to Kick Off You Low Carb Diet with Induction

So you’ve decide to join us over at our #TheLowCarbChallenge private Facebook group and challenge!  Now, how to kick off your low-carb “diet” so that you start losing the most weight in the least amount of time? In a word, induction.  While I just count carbs and don’t follow any particular “plan” I do suggest my clients follow at least a couple weeks of Atkins induction for the best start. 

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