After Your Egg Fast; How to Keep the Weight OFF

...on Your Low-Carb Diet

You read all about the hows and whys of doing an egg fast on your low-carb diet… we rounded up a whole retinue of recipes to help you succeed… now how do you keep the weight you just lost from piling right back on???

Egg Fast Transition

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How to Make Dozens of Great Tasting Egg Fast Recipes

By now you have read my post on egg fasts and are looking for some good, certified low-carb egg fast recipes… right?  So here we go!  This is just the start as we will be adding to this great egg-fast roundup as we find new recipes! Have one you think we should include? Be sure to let me know! 

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How to Boost Your Weight Loss With an Egg Fast!

Did you cheat over the holidays? Yes, me too, we all do. It’s what you do now that determines if you will win or lose your overall weight loss battle. One way that many jumpstart themselves into losing weight (and into ketosis) quickly is by doing an egg fast for a week. What’s an egg fast you ask? 


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How to Make Delicious Eggs in Purgatory; Shakshuka & Italian Eggs You’ll LOVE!

Sometime you just want something a little different for dinner. But you don’t want to fuss. Well low-carb eggs in purgatory fit the bill! I paired ours with some leftover sausage for a meal that had my husband all but  licking his plate!

Eggs in Purgatory - Shakshuka - Italian Eggs


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How to Make Amazingly Easy Ham and Cheese Baked Eggs

...Certified Low-Carb Delicious!

Looking for a great low-carb breakfast or brunch using your leftover ham? Then you are definitely going to want to make these amazingly easy yet incredibly delicious Ham and Cheese Baked Eggs! 

Low Carb Ham and Cheese Baked Eggs

Image Credit: The Domestic Geek

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How to Make the Most EASY and Delicious Deviled Eggs…

...from those leftover Easter eggs or BAKE some UP!

Love coloring Easter eggs more than your kids love eating them? Happens at a lot of houses! Well here’s how you can turn those leftover hard-boiled eggs into the most delicious low-carb deviled eggs!

How to Make EASY Low-Carb Delicious Deviled Eggs

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