Simple Syrup – a Low-Carb Alternative

Low Carb Simple Syrup to use in all your recipes!

When you read my recent post about low-carb cocktails for summer you will have found a mojito recipe. While the recipe listed only calls for a sugar substitute authentic mojitos in Mexico are made with both raw sugar and simple syrup made from white cane sugar.  If you want a taste of Mexico in your mojito here is an easy recipe for a low-carb simple syrup you can use in all your recipes!

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Cocktails for a Guilt Free, Low-Carb Summer

Low Carb Cocktails are great for summer celebrations!

Summer brings lots of picnics, parties and weddings and lots of cocktails! What can you drink and still stay on your low-carb diet? LOTS! My favorite is easy, spiced rum and Coke Zero, my hubby Michael loves a standard martini, both ZERO carbs!  But for times we want something a little more “exotic” here’s a whole array of recipes!

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