Testing Out November’s Keto Krate; Is it Worth the Cost?

Complete with Cost Comparisons and Mini-Reviews!

November’s Keto Krate was delivered yesterday upon my arrival home and I was so excited to see what was included this month! I quickly set up my camera to capture my unboxing so that all of you can see exactly what to expect when you order and unbox your own!


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Honest to God Cereal Recipes That Can Make You Lose Weight!

Low carb cereal recipes

Happy National Cereal Day! Yes, Cereal Day! LOL, they seem to have a day for anything and everything nowadays! At least they don’t expect us to buy greeting cards! So you have committed to eating low carb, can you still enjoy cereal? SURE! Just use any of the recipes below and use either unsweetened almond milk or CarbMaster milk (regular or vanilla available at Kroger affiliated stores) to be sure to KEEP those carbs down!

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