K.I.S.S. Super Simple Low Carb!

Keep it SUPER Simple when  eating Low Carb!


I see people come and people go from living a low carb lifestyle. One of the main reasons this happens is because they see it as a diet and they make it way too complicated. The key to making it work is KISS; keep it SUPER simple! 

 I always advise my readers and clients to KISS!  Keep it SUPER simple! It’s simple enough to fit on an infographic!  Just count carbs. Keep them under 20 net per day. Eat only when hungry not bored and stop when full not stuffed. Wash it all down with plenty of water…repeat…repeat…repeat.  

Check out my page on induction, and refer to it regularly. Most will lose weight, and stick with it if they just KISS and find substitutions for those carb-laden foods they loved! You will find plenty of those here on the site!

Want bread or cookies (after induction)? Not a problem! You just have to make smart choices and make some easy low-carb ones! You CAN eat cereal, candy and cake! Want something different? Just use the handy navigation links located at the top of the page or type a term in the search box! Just KISS and add those carbs into your daily count.

Atkins defines a stall as no results after six full weeks and that seldom happens. If it does watch for new articles here on the site too! I add new ones all the time and try to fulfill what my readers want and need so don’t hesitate to ask!  AND get GREAT advice on #TheLowCarbChallenge private Facebook group! There are hundreds of people that are willing to help and do every day! 

I look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW!  ~Marge

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