6 Low-Carb Stuffed Mushroom Recipes

6 Stuffed Mushroom Recipes for the Super Bowl

My Souper Super Bowl party is just about 1-1/2 weeks away and plans are in the works! You’ve already seen the recipe for our Healthy Cream of Mushroom Soup posted earlier this week. BUT what would a Super Bowl party be without lots of snacks and/or appetizers? I decided that I am making some stuffed mushrooms and think I know which recipe I am going to use… but the hunt is half the fun! Here’s a whole BUNCH of stuffed mushroom recipes to pick from!  


bacon wrapped stuffed mushroom recipeLet’s start off with Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms by AllRecipes! With only 4 ingredients (mushrooms, green onions, cream cheese and bacon) and a cooking time of 20 minutes you can have these amazing appetizers done in about 1/2 hour! Who wants to wager a bet they don’t last until halftime?  


bleu cheese stuffed mushroomsThe next recipe, Fabulous Stuffed Mushrooms,  originates at About.com and features bleu cheese in with the cream cheese. Since they are broiled they cook fast! You might want to keep that in mind since they are going to FLY off the plate!  


These stuffed mushrooms are from Ree at Pioneer WomanWHO better to look to for such a down-home appetizer recipe than the “Pioneer Woman?”  Ree’s recipe incorporates seasoned breakfast sausage for those that want MEAT thrown into the mix but isn’t looking for bacon.  You can certainly make these up ahead of time and then pop them into the oven for about 20+ minutes while you entertain your guests! Super simple and sure to be a crowd pleaser!  


Mellissa of I Breathe I'm Hungry always has amazing recipes!Mellissa Sevigny, chef extraordinaire at I Breathe I’m Hungry, has as always an amazing recipe to consider. Her Bacon, Spinach and Feta Stuffed Mushroom recipe is sure to be an explosion of flavor that will be incomparable to many other recipes of it’s type. Mellissa is an accomplished chef that has been featured on The Food Network and her low-carb and gluten-free recipes never fail to come through heads and shoulders above her competitors. If you don’t follow her blog and Facebook page you will want to do that, they are both a feast to the eye AND palate!  


Use white or baby bella mushrooms for your stuffed mushroom recipeThe next website is a bare bones, no frills kind of place BUT their low-carb recipes never fail to please! Dottie’s Stuffed Mushroom featured on Genaw.com are not fancy but the shredded cheddar cheese will make them go wonderfully with all the beer that will be flowing during the Super Bowl! The guys will love them!  


This crab stuffed mushroom appetizer is sure to appeal to the discerning palate.Last but certainly not least is a recipe of mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat! Featured on Food.com these can be put together in under 1/2 hour and will give your friends a type of stuffed mushroom recipe they normally don’t get at a sporting event.  Sure to please the most discerning palate on your guestlist!  


When you  get ready to start be sure check out how easy it is to clean, trim and slice your mushrooms in the video provided with the cream of mushroom soup recipe right here in my blog! Now you are ready to start making some delicious low-carb stuffed mushrooms for Super Bowl or any party throughout the year! 

Every one of these recipes are low-carb so they are sure to be enjoyed by every guest on your party list!  Be sure to make plenty and have some in reserve because you are sure to need them!  Do YOU have a go-to stuffed mushroom recipe that you like to when you want to make something special for your guests? Feel free to leave a link in our comments below so that everyone can enjoy them too!

Enjoy the Super Bowl, ciao for now!

Marge Burkell

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