2012 to 2014 and I still maintain at a size 4/6!I am Marge Burkell, author of Skinny on Low Carb and professional blogger from Virginia.

I’ve been developing recipes while blogging about low carb diet, weight loss & motivation for 2+ years. As you can see from my photo I walk the talk – losing 40# & 4 full dress sizes to maintain at a size 4/6 and love inspiring and motivating others to get fit and look fabulous!

I’m actively looking for products, brands & sponsors to feature across my blog and social media channels in this niche – and in my (very active!) Facebook  Low Carb Challenge group and Page.

About Skinny on Low Carb’s Target Market

This is a very targeted niche, not a general weight loss topic, where the readers and followers are highly engaged and remain members for years.  I love hearing how the website and group has impacted their lives for the better:

Facebook Group Endorsement

And how simple solutions and recipes have allowed them to like what they see in their (or in this case their family member’s mirror as well as their own:

Skinny on Low Carb Endorsement

In addition to my blog and constantly growing email list I am highly engaged in social media channels, including a closed Facebook group of over 6,000 members (and growing every day) who are consistently working toward healthy lifestyle changes – which includes healthy food choices,  exercise, overall fitness as well as overall good health.

I’m actively seeking a strong brand relationships…

I would love to find products, brands, or merchants I can get behind to actively promote to my (statistics provided below) audience. I am specifically looking for products/brands related to: low carb, weight loss, fitness, healthy lifestyle, kitchen, cooking, workouts, etc. So whether you produce and/or market low carb foods, exercise equipment, fitness gear, athletic apparel, kitchen equipment, cookbooks, fitness or weight-loss oriented magazines or media, etc. please feel free to contact me.  

I’m always wide open to options and look forward to exploring new products and brands to consider!  I love hearing from companies and brands I have worked with on the success of our efforts:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Marge!  I have “liked” it and shared it. We have already received orders from your readers! Here’s to SkinnyOnLowCarb and to you!  


Statistics & Reach

My traffic sources are purely organic. The majority of traffic comes from search engines, social media and my Facebook group. 

Low Carb Challenge Facebook Group

Facebook Low Carb Challenge GroupFacebook Low Carb Challenge Group:
7,515 Members with more joining every single day!

Skinny on Low Carb Facebook PageFacebook Page: 1,360 Likes

Skinny on Low Carb Pinterest FollowersPinterest:  3.8K Followers

Skinny on Low Carb Twitter FollowersTwitter: 217 Followers

Skinny on Low Carb Google+Google+: 274 Followers | 558,101 Views  

Instagram Instagram: 767+ Followers and growing daily!

Video Channel

My YouTube Channel (BRAND NEW!) has 74 subscribers AND has already had 6,500+ views! Having hosted a very successful YouTube channel in the past I am looking to boost those numbers and will consider PR products as well as sponsored videos to compliment the blog. 

Email List

Having just migrated my email list from another server I lost, as was expected, a number of subscribers although I still maintain a list of 1,155 subscribers with  more subscribing daily.

Site Statistics

SkinnyOnLowCarb.com  saw just over 600K page views in 2014.
Total pageviews in 2015: almost 2 Million!

Skinny on Low Carb Growth

Skinny on Low Carb saw a total of 71, 523 unique visitors in 2014, which was its inaugural year. Those visitors came into the site 151, 237 times and accessed 608,202 pages.  

In 2015 we had a 362% increase in traffic for a total of 259,147 unique visitors that accessed the site 499,290 times, which is a 330% increase over the previous year. Those visitors accessed almost 2 million pages of content for a 319% increase over 2014. 

We have started off 2016 with continued growth in the website with 31,013 unique visitors that visited 58,640 pages. That means that we are showing continued growth and it’s our highest monthly rate yet. We had more unique visitors in January alone than we had in the first 8 months of 2014 combined! 

We continue to maintain a good return rate that usually averages right around the 22 to 25 percentile so while we have returning readers we also continue to attract a new audience. 

Skinny on Low Carb stats for 2014

Skinny on Low Carb stats for 2015

Skinny on Low Carb stats for January 2016

Facebook Group Continues to Grow

While the website continues to grow, so does our closed (so that members can discuss sensitive matters without fear of it appearing on their Facebook wall) Facebook Low Carb Challenge Group with approximately 10 times the number of members, with a total to date of 6,243 members as of today, before confirming the new requests awaiting moderation. 

Get In Touch!

I’m actively looking for products, brands and sponsors to feature in my active group and across my blog and social media channels. If you would like to reach my audience, and you’re looking for FUN creative angles and HIGH enthusiasm with a great response… get in touch with me!

You can reach me by email at
MargeBurkell@gmail.com or through the site contact page. 

I would LOVE to work with you to set up a fun, creative advertising campaign that meets your current objectives! Email me today and let’s see what we can “cook up” together.

Ciao for now,
Marge Burkell

Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

Download Media Kit:

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