How to Eat Maggiano’s Amazing Lasagna on Your Low-Carb Diet!

Okay, I will admit it, when it comes to eating out I absolutely love Maggiano’s and I am a sucker for their lasagna! Let me start out by saying I make a mean lasagna! Mine takes two days to make! Extra large meatballs (recipe straight from Italy) and sauce are made one day and the layering process takes place the next. BUT I have to admit the lasagna from Maggiano’s is the bomb! So how do I eat it and stay low carb…? 

How to Eat Maggiano's Lasagna on a Low-Carb Diet

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Just how do I eat their delicious lasagna without breaking the bank on my net carbs for the day? By “deconstructing” it into it’s components. Read that as I use my knife to just remove all the noodles! After all everything else is what gives it it’s flavor. As you can see from my pics below it wasn’t difficult to do and it eliminates almost all of its carbohydrates!

How I eat Maggiano lasagna & stay low carb

The noodles are basically just there to hold the whole dish together. That’s why we can substitute grilled zucchini or eggplant for the lasagna noodles in low-carb lasagna made at home.  

Maggiano spinach saladMaggiano’s also has some amazing salads to pair with my deconstructed lasagna. I opted for the spinach salad with a very light dressing. They never drown their salads in dressing so it was just right.

This is not a sponsored post. Michael and I paid for our meals ourselves and I have since learned from a tweet from Maggiano’s that they offer alternative dishes for those on special diets. I did mention it to our server when he asked if we had any dietary concerns; joking that I was a low carber but that it didn’t work well at their restaurant.  I assured him that I am great at being  creative so not to worry about it, I would be fine. 

I have to say our server, Kevin, at our Short Pump VA location was great! Just attentive enough without being intrusive.  I chuckled when he asked if I wanted a box for leftovers. I reminded him I told him I am a low carber… and look, it’s just the noodles! No, I didn’t need a leftover box to take them home. As it was Michael and I both took another whole lasagna apiece home! I popped them right in our freezer. They reheat wonderfully so we have those to look forward to once I am back off of induction.

We also took home a beautiful piece of berry tiramisu that Michael enjoyed that evening with our bulletproof coffee. It is a special right now to help raise money for Make-a-Wish so we succumbed. BUT it is not low carb. I admit to sneaking a taste and if I weren’t looking to shed my extra pounds before the beach I would have had more! It was amazing! I hope they add it to their permanent menu! At least for the warm-weather months! I will factor it into my daily carbs as best I can… sometimes a gal has to do what a gal has to do! Besides this is so rich and decadent you don’t need a whole piece. Pair that partial piece with bulletproof coffee and you are more than satisfied and full…and you are helping out a great organization that makes wishes come true for lots of kids! 

Maggiano Berry Tiramisu

I wonder what the low-carb alternative dishes are? I would love to make another trip to check those out and let you know what I discover! To be fair there are non-pasta dishes already on their menu that are naturally lower carb. I just love their pasta dishes. They are my achilles heel. This was my solution to make it low-carb acceptable. I enjoyed it just as much as when it was in one whole piece.

There you have it, my solution to enjoying a favorite meal that is normally super high in carbs. It’s simple to accomplish and it works. I was actually on induction when we dined there last week and I am here to tell you it works. I have lost  6 pounds over the last 10 days and that included this meal!

Don’t shy away from your favorite restaurants and never feel that you have to sacrifice some of your all-time favorite meals!

Where do you like to eat out? How do you get around the carbs? I would love to hear what your solutions are! Leave it in your comment below! In the meantime healthy eating, good eats and ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

p.s. when you are looking to make Italian at home Maggiano’s has recipes right on their website that can easily adapted, and be sure to check out my low-carb recipes here in the website too!  

For more ideas here’s some great low-carb cookbooks:


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