How to Make Dozens & Dozens of Amazing Instant Pot Recipes!

...ALL Deliciously LOW CARB!

Many of our members of the Low Carb Challenge Facebook group recently bought Instant Pots, which are the newest, modern version of a pressure cooker that is so much more! We are learning how to get started with them as quickly as possible and on the lookout for the best low-carb Instant Pot recipes we can find… to that end here is a recipe roundup you  love!

Our recipe roundup is categorized for easy use and we will be adding to it as we find more and more certified low-carb delicious Instant Pot recipes! 

Certified Low Carb Instant Pot Recipes

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Let’s take this course by course and categorize each into types of dishes and sub-categorize those courses into types of meats, etc.

We’ll start off with soups and Kristie’s bone broth that I highlighted in our getting started article posted earlier. If you haven’t read through that one yet I suggest you start there. I also suggest you get to know Kristie. She is one of the best vloggers I highlighted in a previous post that you’ll want to subscribe to!


Once you are feeling comfortable with your new Instant Pot here’s some amazing recipes you’ll want to try!  PLEASE keep in mind that you will NOT be serving anything over rice if you want to stay low carb. Substitute cauliflower rice and/or make rice for your family… remember like I mentioned in our previous getting-started post that it will only take you about 15 minutes so easy enough to do!

IF a recipe calls for maple syrup or honey be SURE you are using a sugar-free version. You’ll find suggestions from the links above.  You can also use Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar-free syrup.  I am always sure to have Sukrin Gold in the house for everything that would call for brown sugar; it tastes amazing and is very low in carbs.  AND of course substitute your favorite low-carb sugar substitute for the rare recipe that calls for sugar.


Stay tuned for page 2; Appetizers, Eggs, Dairy and Vegetables…


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