Top Low-Carb Food Vloggers You Need to Subscribe To Now!

I was surprised to find that a very well known author in the food blogging industry was not familiar with food vloggers. A vlogger is basically just a blogger that uses a video camera rather than the written word to convey their message. I am sure you know that I have introduced you to a number of them over the years in my recipe roundups but I thought I would take a minute to do  a low-carb vlogger roundup!

Top Low Carb Food Vloggers to Subscribe to!

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Do you know what a food vlogger is? Apparently I am behind the times. Read this post to see who’s on top and why.

Posted by Dianne Jacob on Friday, February 26, 2016

While the food vloggers featured in Olivia Estrada‘s  Inquirer online magazine  “Preen” roundup that Dianne refers to in her Facebook post cover the gamut of all types of food, we of course are more interested in those vloggers that concentrate on low carb and that you know you can count on to not steer you wrong as you live your low-carb lifestyle.

Each of these low-carb vloggers are just that. They have proven over time to be reliable, have great information and recipes that you are going to love!

Without further ado I give you the TOP 5 Low-Carb vloggers that you just have to subscribe to now:



First we have Kent Altena. You have seen Kent’s recipes many times here. I particularly love his recipe for buffalo crack slaw but he has many cook along with me recipes on his YouTube channel.  Kent has been making videos since all the way back in 2006!   He jokes about not being the most well-spoken person but his info is spot on! His bio on YouTube reads as a real success story:

I am Atkins Diet low carb success story. I lost 211 pounds following a low carb (Atkins) diet 9 years ago and have kept the weight off. My channels features Low Carb recipes and “how to” cooking videos. I also attempt to clear up the misconceptions and myths surrounding low carb living and how one can be healthy and have nearly unlimited energy on this lifestyle. ~Kent Altena



Next up we have Jay of the channel LowCarb360 who has been at this since 2009. Jay’s bio tells us that she rocks this lifestyle not just for weight management but to also control her diabetes:

Whether you are looking for Atkins Diet recipes, South Beach Diet recipes, HCG Diet recipes or any other low carb diet plan recipes; my channel will offer you delicious low carb dishes to help you stay on track.

The Low Carb lifestyle is my way of life. I have been able to control type 2 diabetes without medication following the low carb lifestyle. Don’t forget to Comment,Rate and Subscribe.
♥ Jay


I would love to introduce you the the 3rd low-carb cook in this group, Kristie of Cooking Keto with Kristie. A relative newcomer to the vlogging scene, she has been publishing low-carb video for 9 months now and has accumulated over 10,000 subscribers already! The reason for this is not only her low-carb knowledge but her outgoing and down-to-earth personality that her subscribers and Facebook fans and members love. The fact that her recipes are the bomb doesn’t hurt either! I only recently found Kristie myself but I am happy to share her with the rest of the world! 

Kristie’s YouTube bio reads:

Living a Ketogenic or Low Carb High Fat lifestyle truly requires changing not only the way you eat, but the way you shop and cook as well. Join Kristie (and sometimes her family) as they embrace a healthier way of eating. You can learn more through her blog, Life With Butter.

When you follow Kristie over to her blog you’ll discover that she walks the walk. She has lost a ton of weight doing exactly what she tells her viewers to do and it has also improved her health, allowing her to get off medications!

Kristie is usually pretty on point when filming her videos with her husband, David, behind the camera but I have to admit to loving her one blooper reel when he recently cracked her up! While those are usually edited out before sharing with her rapidly-growing audience I love the glimpse into the “real” Kristie’s personality before the edits too. It’s great that the whole family sometimes gets involved, including her two children, Jonathan and Grace, as they recently did when announcing the winner of her 10K giveaway. They even celebrated with a cake! Low carb of course and the recipe video will follow. 

I could not find an actual intro video for Kristie so I am going to share with you the first one I watched and shared with all of you in my fat bomb recipe roundup below.

I of course subscribed to her channel as well as her social media!  You should too! Great info as well as encouragement. I know you know that we have a wonderful (6500+ members and counting!) Facebook online community for sharing, helping and encouraging but Kristie does too and I enjoy my time in her group too! You’ll find links to those in her blog.



The next man needs no introduction to those that have been living a low-carb lifestyle for any length of time. Jimmy Moore’s a very well respected person in the low-carb community and posted his very first YouTube video over 8 years ago, which you can watch below. 

Jimmy’s bio reads like a low-carb success story. Having lost 200 pounds from 2004 to 2006 he shares his knowledge as well as others as he interviews authorities in the field. While Jimmy has not been as active as in the past on YouTube his videos are a great resource and you can catch him now using Periscope or on his blog













Finally I would like to spotlight (especially for all our readers in the southern hemisphere) Low Carb Down Under. Dr. Rod Tayler and Jamie Hayes created the Low Carb Down Under website and blog to bring together people with an interest in low carbohydrate nutrition.

Their YouTube channel is where their videos all reside for easy access. They have been publishing videos since the end of 2012 and you will find that many of their videos originate at low-carb symposiums so if you are looking for resource videos you might want to check theirs.  If you are also looking for events you will find them on the website. 

Dr. Rod Tayler is a Melbourne anaesthetist with an interest in weight loss research and low carbohydrate diets. He has given many presentations on the subject of restricting carbohydrate intake for long-term health benefits to medical and other allied health professionals.

Jamie Hayes has been a fitness professional since the late 1970′s. He is the franchisor of 28 Healthy Inspirations weight loss and exercise centres around Australia and New Zealand that emphasise a low carb diet combined with strength training.

There is no introduction type video for their YouTube channel and most are of lecturers as well as interviews with guests at their conferences. I encourage you to check them out when looking to expand your low-carb knowledge.

There you have it! Certified low-carb YouTube channels that you can count on for good info and recipes that are going to keep you on track each and every day of your low-carb life!

Yes, this blog does have a YouTube channel too but it is very fledgling and houses the videos I have made to compliment the print articles here. My main emphasis is this blog, so hence not so many videos, at least not yet.  Would you like to see more videos here on the site? I would love your feedback!

Also do you have a favorite low-carb vlogger? Please share them with us in your comment below! In the meantime, I hope my list of my favorite low-carb vloggers helps you!
Ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell




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  1. Love love love cooking keto with Kristie. Also, Suzanne from Keto Karma on YouTube. Both girls are real and have lost so much weight and are glowing with health. So inspirational. Thanks Marge

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