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We’re starting a brand new Low Carb Challenge over in our private, closed Facebook group!  While we have new members starting all the time there are tons of members counting carbs for the first time today so that they can look how they’d like come Easter and spring break! I know that I want to be able to put a bathing suit on if I so desire come April… so to that end here’s some carb counters that include a lot of your everyday low carb staples and more.  

So without further ado… here’s your Carb Counters:

Protein Carb Counter

Vegetable Carb Counter

Fruit Carb Counter

Dairy Carb Counter

Seeds & Nuts Carb Counter

Want per serving calculations? Just hover over the top right-hand corner of the charts below to pop them right out for easier viewing! Available 24/7!

[gview file=”http://margeburkell.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Carb-count-1.pdf” save=”0″ cache=”0″]

Are there more things you can eat? Of course there are! But these are some of the most commonly asked for carb counts and a great starting point. This page is always available to you under the “Low Carb Cooking” tab but if you don’t see what you need be sure to use the Nutritional Calculator available on every page of the website in the right-hand sidebar.  

I make it a practice NOT to put anything into my grocery cart OR mouth until I know the carb count! I advise clients to do that for each and every new food they introduce into their diet and to jot down your carbs each day until it becomes second nature.  Some people use apps but I can’t be bothered and I owned a company that reviewed iPad apps! I just count net carbs and use my fingers and toes, if I run out of digits before the end of the day I know I have eaten too much! Whatever works for you… WORKS… but I always recommend to keep it simple.  KISS!  In my experience those that make it hard usually quit.  I would hate to see that happen to you.  

So get started NOW! Join the Facebook group for support and accountability, start counting carbs and look like a new person 90 days from now! 



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