After Your Egg Fast; How to Keep the Weight OFF

...on Your Low-Carb Diet

You read all about the hows and whys of doing an egg fast on your low-carb diet… we rounded up a whole retinue of recipes to help you succeed… now how do you keep the weight you just lost from piling right back on???

Egg Fast Transition

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Many people complain that the pounds they lose on any fast, whether an egg or fat fast seem to reappear when the fast is over. How to help make that from happening to you?  The formula is pretty simple.


Most agree that the solution is to transition from a full egg fast back onto your normal low-carb lifestyle as long as you fasted and to make that transition slowly. That means if you fasted for 5 days take 5 days to slowly transition back to your normal low-carb menu.


On day one and two add a protein back to just one meal. Days 3, 4 and 5 stick to your regular egg fast breakfast and snacks., although for lunch and dinner have salad or veggies and protein and fat.  Keep it light and simple and don’t overdue. 


You will notice that you have stayed the same weight, lost weight, or even had a small gain.  If you continue to lose weight continue with the transition by slowly introducing more meats and vegetables. If you find that you have either stayed the same or have actually gained a bit back then continue to eat a transition diet for a few more days before reintroducing more meats and/or vegetables to give your body time to acclimate.  


The problems tend to occur when you eat strictly an egg fast diet and then immediately switch back to a regular low-carb menu. For some it’s the same outcome as when a person schedules “cheat days” and yoyos up and down because of it. Don’t fall into that trap as you will continue to take off that same 5 pounds!


Now that you have the full equation you should be well equipped to to incorporate egg fasts into your low-carb lifestyle from time to time as needed.

Be sure to check out all the certified low-carb delicious egg-fast recipes included in our roundup. Do you have one you love or developed that we haven’t included that you think we all need to know about? Leave it in your comment below or contact me to make sure we publish it with all the others!

In the meantime enjoy your newly earned weight loss!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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