How to Make Cash Every Time You Shop!

...Buying What You Are Anyway Every Day!


I want to share my secret with you… how I got  an extra $100 back from buying the Christmas presents I was going to anyway! How I earn cash each and every time I buy online! Because YOU can earn cash too! It’s simple and easy if you know how!


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So HOW do I do it? In one very simple word; Ebates! Discounts vary from day to day so you never know when a site is going to offer you a 1% or a 12% rebate!  

As many of you know Michael went off to hunting camp with our son after Thanksgiving, so I sat at my computer that weekend, bought the items I would have anyway from Kohls, ToysRUs and Macy’s and Ebates gave me up to an extra 12% back! That really adds up! When you find yourself retired on a fixed income let me tell you, it really helps!

Here’s a sample of what some websites, stores you buy from all the time, were offering when I just snapped this image:




I know, I know you are saying that you simply never remember to actually go through the ebates site before making a purchase…ME TOO!

Ebates Cash Back app

But guess what?! I discovered that there is an app you can put on your internet browser that will automatically detect when you are on  a site that offers ebates and pops up a banner at the top of the page!  I use it on Chrome and this is what it looks like:


All you have to do is click on that banner and it logs you in to qualify for whatever percentage they are currently offering! That’s IT! Easy PEASY!

The Cash Back Button is available for the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers so be sure to add that to your browser for the easiest shopping AND saving! If you’re not sure how to do that shoot me a message and I’ll help you get it set up! 

How Ebates Works

Why do I tell you all this? Because you and I, all of us, are going to and do buy things online each and every week… we clip coupons to use in stores… now we can get cash back when buying online too!

I know Michael and I can always use the extra cash… I just thought you might like some too!  Now, yes I do make a small amount if you decide to use Ebates, but so can YOU! It actually helps keep this website up and running and I appreciate your support!  After all what’s good for me is good for you!  

ebates really is easy as 1-2-3!

It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make! It really is as easy as 1-2-3! You aren’t spending anything extra because it’s accepted at most of the online-stores you already shop at whether or not any of your friends sign up! It’s easy peasy gravy train!

Take a minute, because that’s about all it takes, sign up and start making cash today! Let me tell you every time I open my mail box and find another check I am thrilled! You will be too!


That today’s skinny on how to get FAT in CASH!  
Ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge


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