EASY Low Carb Dessert, Lunch or Snack You’ll Love!

Easy Low Carb Dessert

For some silly reason people think that when you want to lose weight you have to starve yourself or you have to eat boring, bland foods.  NOT true! Just look at what I ate for brunch today!  

VA has been hit by SNOW again! I am always amazed at the preconceived ideas people have. Yes, this says dessert and yes sometimes I eat it for dessert, or for a late night snack but today and LOTS of days I eat it for my breakfast/brunch? WITH the whipped cream? Why not? When following a low carb high fat way of eating it just adds delicious fats to my meal with absolutely ZERO carbs! Yep, zero!  I always have a a can of Land ‘O Lakes whipped cream in my fridge! Usually a backup in the garage fridge too! God help me I run out or it snows! LOL!  I say that only because here in Virginia the world comes to an end when it snows and we got maybe 3 to 4 inches last night so all the schools are closed, government buildings, etc! I am originally from on Lake Erie, where they are ranked #1 for snowfall for cities of 100K in population or more and I am used to snow. NOT that I like it but I am used to it, can drive in it, etc. Not that there is anywhere to go, they don’t own enough plows here and if you think I am going to brave their driving… well let’s just say I am glad I work from home and I can sit here with my cup of coffee, you, and look out over the pristine white.  

Easy Low-Carb DessertsAnyhow back to brunch… this is so easy it’s a no brainer! It is CARBmaster yogurt, available at any Kroger or a store affiliated with them, they’ve even recently acquired Harris Teeter!  There is only 4 net carbs in a whole container and there are tons of flavors! One of my favorites is Key Lime! I add some diced up berries (see my post about why you want to stick to berries) and then pile on your sugar-free whipped cream! Spritz some in your mouth too! You know you want to! LOL!  The whole bowl will only be maybe 6 net carbs and you’ll love it!  Pair it with a mug of bullet-proof coffee and you will be full until dinner!  Now sit back and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite and easy low-carb dessert?  What’s your favorite CARBmaster yogurt flavor?  Feel free to share it in the comments below!  

Ciao for now!

Marge Burkell

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