How to Get Rid of Your Jiggly Batwings!

...AKA Tone UP Your Upper Arm Bat Wings!

I know you are saying BUT it’s our day of rest from our current Squat Challenge! It IS! But I am coming to you with another challenge! This time a Batwing Challenge! So your mission, should you choose to accept it is to get rid of those jiggly (you know, like jello wiggly) upper arms!


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30-Day Squat Challenge; Day 2 LIVE from My Bedroom!

This morning I popped into our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group to do 15 squats LIVE! It was rather early but there were 3 members hanging out… were you one of them?  No? Well let’s do those squats together…

30 Day Squat Challenge Day 2 in my PJ's!

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How to Do the First 10 Squats of Our Squat Challenge!

Good Morning, good Monday and welcome to the very first 10 squats in our 30-Day Squat Challenge! Read all about it and get all the details and then jump right in and join me now!


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Join Us for Our 30-Day Super Simple & Easy Squat Challenge! ACCELERATE Your Low-Carb Weight Loss!

Everyone that knows me knows I hate to exercise. I am lucky, low-carb works for me even if I don’t. But even I get to the point where my body decides it wants to stay at a certain weight. Now for me that is close to my optimum weight but for you it could be anytime.

So what’s the “solution?” Well for me it’s low-impact exercises I can literally do anywhere… so today I challenge you to join me in a 30-day super easy squat challenge!

Join OUR Low-Carb Squat Challenge!

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How to Do Simple Low-Impact Exercises and Lose Weight…

...while living a low-carb lifestyle!

While many fitness instructors might have you in the gym every day doing crazy workouts many people cannot endure that routine, nor do they want to do it… especially if they have led a relatively sedentary lifestyle or are on the far side of fifty.

Low Impact Exercises to Lose Weight

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Inspirational Sunday; Fat to Fit With Yoga in One Year!

Many of our Low-Carb Challenge members love yoga to help them get fit while living their low-carb lifestyle to lose weight. Here’s the story of how a severely obese man lost literally hundreds of pounds while practicing this ancient art. 

Fat to Fit With Low Carb & Yoga in One Year

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