The Best and Worst of the Golden Globes 2014

Everyone's talking about how Emma Watson wears Dior

Emma Watson arrives at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP) Source: AP

Hollywood toasted it’s own last night with their 2014 version of the Golden Globe Awards.  While many films walked away winners what we were all entranced with were those walking the red carpet last night.  

Bordeaux lips on the red carpet

Bordeaux-red lipstick was popular on the red carpet with actresses Elizabeth Moss, Jennifer Lawrence and Rashida Jones. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times; Frederic J. Brown / AFP/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

While deep, wine-red lips seemed to rule the evening the fashions were all over the map.  I agree with most of the worst dressed of the night picks I have to say I am not as thrilled by some of the fashions that were selected as best dressed.   Emma Watson might have got people talking with the Dior gown-pantsuit combo she wore it seemed like she couldn’t decide between the two so wore both.


Julianna Margulies Sophia Loren smokey eye“The Good Wife” actress Julianna Margulies wears Sophia Loren-inspired smokey eye makeup to Sunday’s Golden Globes. (Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

Julianna Margulies of “The Good Wife” looks classically beautiful in her Sophia Loren inspired makeup but this picture doesn’t show the whole story… the bottom of the dress makes one wonder what she was trying to smuggle underneath!

And while Sandra Bullock might have been nominated for Best Actress for her work in “Gravity, and have absolutely flawless makeup she missed the mark with a  color-blocked Prabal Gurung gown that made her look like she was all hips.  I don’t think even the thinnest model could ever pull this one off!

Sandra Bullock's gown missed the mark

So WHO did I think was the BEST dressed of the night? I give that nod to Taylor Swift, who turned heads with her classic and classy look in this beautiful Carolina Herrera gown.  She was just as classic a beauty as Audrey Hepburn ever was on a red carpet! 

Taylor Swift, Golden Globes 2014
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

So what’s YOUR take on the best and the worst of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards? What gown would you love to stroll down the red carpet in? Oh, and red lip or nude?  




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