Low-Carb 3-Ingredient Beer Dip

This super simple to make 3-ingredient cheesy beer dip can easily be made low carb!

Low Carb 3-Ingredient Beer Dip

Low carb cheesy beer dip nutritional labelLike many recipes this one can be adapted simply by paying attention to 1. the ingredients you use to make it and 2. the “chips” you use to dip it with.  

That means in this case be sure to use a low-carb beer like Michelob Ultra which only has 2.6 carbs in a full 12-ounce bottle. Be absolutely sure to use full-fat cream cheese and shredded cheese. Check your labels at the grocery store and don’t put it into your cart unless it is full fat! Low fat can help make you fat!  As you can see in the nutritional label if you use Michelob Ultra and 8 ounces each of full-fat cream and shredded cheese there is only 15 carbs in the WHOLE batch! 

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Now the 2nd part of the equation… do NOT eat this with regular tortilla chips or you will have wasted all your efforts! Be sure to dip into this delicious low-carb cheesy beer dip with any of the 16 different chips I included in our previous recipe roundup! My personal favorite is pepperoni chips! They are simple to make and delicious to eat dipped in just about anything. FYI I use regular, not turkey pepperoni for more fat and flavor.

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